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Puppetown 1998-2015
Rev. Dale Harrah
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My acquaintance with Dale Harrah, his family and ministry spans several years. He is a minister of Christian character and skilled in influencing children to become followers of Christ. His exciting and engaging presentations on the life changing gospel will effectively captivate children and will prove irresistible to adults as well.

Pastor Garry Tracy, Bridgeton, MO
Hooray for Harrahs! We have been privileged to enjoy the ministry of the Harrah family at Calvary Pentecostal Church. The Harrahs have a unique way of presenting the gospel message to children and adults alike. Their program is never predictable. What is predictable is their Christianity, professionalism and passion! We highly recommend them.

Pastor Terry Russell, Collinsville, IL
It is my privilege to recommend Bro Harrah. I have followed his ministry and have known him for many years. We have had him twice at our church and He's great with children.

He is like the Apostle Paul. He is a God called evangelist, with the necessary gifts for effectiveness and has a missionary heart. Time would fail me to tell you of his moral and doctrinal purity. Sufficient to say, he will help the church where he is allowed to minister. I recommend Bro Harrah highly first of all of his Christian character, then because of his highly developed gifts and talents.

Pastor Douglas E. Roam, Elsberry, Missouri
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