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For the church to affect our world we need to think long term. Our children and teenagers are the hope for the church's future. Children need to know that Jesus loves them. It is our responsibility to teach and train them. We cannot rely on secular schools to teach them the truth, to provide examples of morality and godliness. This is our job! This is our mission! This should be our passion! Today's children must be reached to insure the church's future. As our children grow up in the service of the Lord, they will have a profound effect on our world.

Over the past 35 years, the way children learn and think has been altered by television and video games. Children have become more visual learners and need more "hands on" techniques. We need to adjust to reach this generation. What we do is a bit different, mixing old and new teaching and preaching methods to reach today's children and youth.

Reaching children, this is our mission and our passion. We appreciate your taking time to visit us.

Serving God with Joy!

Dale Harrah
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Puppetown 1998-2015
Rev. Dale Harrah
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